Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Scoreboard KAL

It's FREE! It's a fun way to knit and watch football!

Slated to kick off on Sept. 3, 2015, the 2015 Scoreboard KAL will allow fans to capture a favorite football team's season in the form of a hand knit cowl. The cowl is worked in HiKoo Simplicity using the team's two main colors. One color (call it the primary color) will represent your team. The secondary color will represent opposing teams. 

The idea is fairly simple. When your team scores, you will knit a round in the MC for each point attained. Did they kick a field a goal? That would be 3 rounds. Did they score a touchdown? That would be 6 rounds. Was the point after good? Add another round.

Should the opposing team score on the next drive, their point will be knit in the CC (following the same rules as noted above). You will follow this structure for the entire tame, switching back and forth between the MC and CC depending on which team scores. All round will be worked in knit stitch, except the optional, game-dividing, purl rounds.

Once the game has ended, you can choose to insert a visual break (in a third colorway) as an option. When the season is over and the dust settles, you will be left with a stunning piece of knitted sports history.
Here's what you will need:
  • 6 skeins of Simplicity in Main Color (MC)
  • 6 skeins of Simplicity in Contrast Color (CC)
  • 16" US #7 circular needle
  • Darning needle
  • UM Wolverines -- Maize and Blue -- Color #133 Bullion, Color #029 Royal
  • MSU Spartans -- Green and White -- Color #031 Real Green, Color #001 White
  • Laker High School -- Green and White -- Color #031 Real Green, Color #001 White
  • Central Michigan Chippewas -- Maroon and Gold -- Color #046 Crimson, Color #048 Hillcreek Gold
  • Detroit Lions -- Silver and Blue -- Color #029 Royal, Color #036 Silver Hair
Try one of these colors as the Third Color (visual break):
  • Color #001 White
  • Color #003 Natural
  • Color #037 Gun Metal Grey
  • Color #038 Seattle Sky
  • Color #002 Black
  • Color #036 Silver Hair
This KAL is not just for diehard fans. It's an opportunity to spend some extra time with those special fans in your life. You may end up with a new found love of the game, or even be afforded a chance to pass along your love of knitting.

Be ready for kickoff time and the SCOREBOARD KAL this fall! Order your yarn and needles now!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Little Zauberball Sock

I had fun knitting a little Zauberball sock this week. My favorite pair of big handknit socks (these are the socks that get tucked into my rollabout so my feet have some covering in cold hotel rooms) are Color 1507 in the yarn known as Crazy Zauberball.

Wanting to try out the new Addi FlipStix, I cast on a bunch of stitches and ribbed for a few inches. Did a heel flap, turned the heel, and knit the gusset. A little foot knitting and a shaped toe followed.

Presto, Eduardo! There was the little Zauberball sock, and it was pretty much the miniature of my adult sized pair.

Zauberball Crazy -- sock weight yarn, 420 meters per 100 gram ball

Addi FlipStix -- set of 5 double pointed needles, one pointy end, one rounded end  I used the 2.75 mm size.

So should I write up this little sock into a pattern? Let me know!!

Happy knitting,


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thumbs UP!

It's Week Three (Clue 3) of the convertible top mitten that is the July Knit Along project. This week we're knitting thumbs.

Designer Michelle Hunter gives two options -- an open thumb or a closed thumb. Both are easy to accomplish and won't take much time.

Unleashed Part 3 -- Knitting the Thumbs

FlipStix Double Pointed Needles for knitting mittens, socks, hats

As a reminder, the patterns for Knit Alongs are FREE. So even if you are not knitting along, you may want to add this design to your pattern collection. Come October (or January), you will be glad to have a special new mitten design to knit!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tayberry Hat Pattern, Featuring Star Stitch

Sometimes it is good to try a new stitch pattern. I like knitting with Kenzie by HiKoo, a tweed look yarn that comes in softer, more rustic colors.

So when I saw the Tayberry Hat pattern with this star stitch in two colors it was a natural for me to try the design.

I'm using the colors suggested in the pattern, The deep red is Color #1004, Beetroot, and the orange red is #1005, Bayberry.

The design has a deep ribbing that uses knit two, purl two. The star stitch is a four round repeat that alternates between the two colors and gives a tightly woven look to the hat crown.

The hat is 10 inches deep with 3.5 inches of ribbing and the rest done in star stitch.

Here's a link to the FREE pattern:
Kenzie Tayberry Hat Pattern PDF Download

And HERE is where you will find the colors of Kenzie that we carry at Graywood Designs.

Beware! This is addictive yarn, very satisfying to knit, and lovely when it is knit up.

Happy Knitting,


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Introducing Addi FlipStix

Addi Turbo's newest needle, FlipStix

I'm pretty excited about this new tool from Addi Turbo, the FlipStix.

Here at Graywood Designs we are getting a new website ready and one of the tasks at hand is testing several of the pattern downloads that will be a feature of the new site.

I spent several hours recently with the Inchie Sockie pattern, knitting the little sock again in order to evaluate the layout and flow of the pattern. I used a set of FlipStix and absolutely fell in love with the smooth flow and ease of knitting with this innovative new tool.

Made from high grade aluminum, the colorful ultra-lightweight double pointed needles feature dual tips. Each needle has both a Turbo tip and a Lace tip.

A revolutionary design, FlipStix bring a wonderful smoothness to knitting with double pointed needles. The Lace tip is pointy and slightly longer. It is especially helpful when you need to squeeze in a delicate stitch, or for gathering both stitches for a decrease manuever like K2tog or SSK.

Each needle in the set is a different color. The metal is anodized for a soft touch slip feel which makes for fluid knitting, yet allows the stitches to hold to the needle.

The really big advantage here is that when you need the longer, more pointy tip, you can just flip the needle. 

As a start, we have stocked the 6 inch length in US #0 thru US #8 sizes. Be sure to try out a set on your next double pointed knitting adventure.

Happy knitting,


Addi Turbo FlipStix -- Set of 5 in the 6" length

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

July KAL (Knit Along): Summer Mittens!

Who in their right mind would be thinking about mittens in the middle of the summer? Knitters! That's who!

We are delighted to offer "Unleashed," a convertible mitten pattern as the next Knit Along (KAL) from designer Michelle Hunter and the fine folks at Skacel. Michelle calls this project a gem with a handy flip top. This mitten will be perfect for texting, walking the dog, or even knitting outdoors.

Yarn for the mittens:  Simpiworsted by HiKoo, a 55% merino superwash, 28% acrylic, 17% nylon blend that comes in 140 yard hanks (100 grams). Gauge: approximately 4 stitches per inch on US #10 needles.

Needles for the mittens: US #6 and US #8 double pointed.

So-o-o, here's what we are offering for this project -- NEW needles and NEW yarn.

We have added FlipStix to our needle lineup. FlipStix are double pointed needles manufactured from high grade aluminum. They feature dual tips -- one end is an Addi Turbo tip and the other end is an Addi Lace tip. When you need to have that more pointy tip, you just flip the needle!

Simpliworsted comes in six colors of marl and four colors of multi colors. The yarn has generous yardage, crisp stitch definition, and unparalleled softness. Check out all these colors on our website, choose yours today, and place an order.

Simpliworsted Marl

It's summer! We're knitting mittens! We're crazy! So what!

Happy knitting,


PS  Just so you know. Michelle is suggesting a solid color for this project, so I'm out on the limb offering the marls and multis here. If you'd like to follow her lead and use a solid color, consider using another of our excellent worsted weight yarns. I would suggest a superwash yarn like Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Superwash. Try a red, like Shane's Red. You canot go wrong with a washable, durable quality yarn. 

PPS As always, you don't HAVE to use double pointed needles for mittens! You can knit this project using the magic loop method and a long circular needle, 32" length recommended.