Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April KAL Shawl -- Week One

The April Knit Along (KAL), a shawl knit in HiKoo's Rylie yarn, started with a garter stitch tab that quickly expands through several yarn over increase rows into a semi circle shape.

I'm using the pale pink, Color #093 "Abalone," and am loving the way that the pattern work (star stitch) shows up. The first week's directions take you through Row 60 of the pattern. After I got that far, I slipped the stitches on to a holding thread and soaked the knitting. Then I folded it in a damp towel and stretched it out on a tile top table. The photo shows the results.

Week Two of this KAL will be posted on this Thursday morning at 9 am EDT. Michelle Hunter is the designer and moderator of the KAL.

Our studio knitting group has at least four of us knitting this project, plus we have shipped packages of this yarn to customers. What fun!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Abalone & Sea Grass, Rylie Colors

Anybody remember "The Thorn Birds" and Meggie's Ashes of Roses gown? Meggie, played by Rachel Ward, wears a lovely pink dress as she descends a staircase in their Australian bush farm house and falls in love with a handsome priest, played by Richard Chamberlain.

That's what Color #093 in Rylie reminds me of, a soft, slightly dusty pink, sort of like the Victorian Ashes of Roses in Meggie's costume in The Thorn Birds.

Color #093 in Rylie is called "Abalone" and you would need two skeins to knit the April KAL (Knit Along) shawl. Find out more on our BLOG or on our WEBSITE.

Here's another intriguing color, #089 "Sea Grass." It has a hint of teal, a blue green haze that is a subtle grayish green.

Rylie comes in ten colors. We have all of them in stock, ready to ship. This yarn is priced at $25.95, but with our 15% discount, you pay $22.06 per skein.

We charge $4.95 for Shipping & Handling, up to $75. After $75, S&H is free. I know, it's kind of nuts to price S&H that low, but we do, so order today!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rylie, Featured April KAL Yarn

Michelle Hunter's April KAL will be a shawl knit with Rylie, a new yarn by HiKoo.

Rylie is a luxurious blend of baby alpaca, mulbery silk, and linen. Michelle tells us that the yarn is soft and strong and has lovely hand.

We have ordered all ten colors -- lovely pastels, beachy brights, and soft neutrals -- and all ten colors are in stock and ready to ship.

Michelle is using Color #085 "Sea" for her knitting. Other colors include: Kelp, Periwinkle, Freesia, Guava, Sea Grass, Driftwood, Sandbar, Pearl, and Abalone. There is a 15% discount on this yarn. For the KAL, you will need 2 skeins of Rylie.

HERE is the link to Rylie on our website.

You will also need a US #7 circular needle, 32" recommended.  Treat yourself to a new Addi Turbo circular needle for this project. The tips are smooth and the knitting is insanely delightful.

HERE is the link to Addi Turbo needles on our website.

Order your skeins and needle right away and be ready on Thursday, April 3rd at 9 am EDT for Michelle's very excellent April Shawl Knit Along!

HERE is the link to the Knit Along.

A few more clues from Michelle about this KAL project:

The shawl is a lace based pattern.
Michelle says it is suitable for the advanced beginner knitter.
The shawl is approximately 52" wide.
The gauge, after blocking, is approximately 20 stitches equals 4 inches in stockinette.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

CoBaSi Comes in Multicolors Now

CoBaSi comes in five multicolors and they are luscious. The blue multi, #804, would go with denim and jeans. #801 and #802 are the brights in the colorway. Their green, blue, and violet would add pizazz to a sock project.

Browns are captured in #803 and #805, both yarns that are stay in the neutral tones.

CoBaSi is a wool free sock weight yarn. It has wonderful drape and would be great to use for a shawl or scarf. There is silk in the blend, so it has warmth.

CoBaSi Multi Colors

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

So Soft and So Elegant

Let simple and elegant be the watchwords for this easy to knit scarf.

Our Two Together Scarf Kit matches two soft yarns into one strand for a scarf that is fashionable and warm. We have watched our inventory for two yarns that live together well. Then we pre-wind them into a ball that makes a scarf that is sort of long, but not too much.

You'll have about 7-10 hours of pleasure when you knit this scarf. Choose from Lake Huron Teal or Maple Leaf Red.

Find out more at Graywood Designs, home of specialized knitting yarns and supplies.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

January KAL is Coming!

The January  KAL (Knit Along) begins on Thursday, January 2, 2014. The project will be socks knit on one needle, two at a time.

I warn you, once you learn this method, you might not go back to knitting socks on double pointed needles. The long circular needle method is so convenient and eliminates the dreaded "ladder" that forms with double point needles.

Michelle Hunter, designer and knitting educator, will be posting four weeks of lessons for this KAL. Her directions are clearly written, supported by video instruction, and easy to follow.

Michelle is calling this project a "unique two at a time sock design."  She used CoBaSi for the toe up sock design, Crimple, that we knit last January for a Knit Along.

The project takes two skeins of CoBaSi, a non-wool sock weight yarn. Michelle's sample is knit using Color #12 Iris Blue, but you will find quite a selection of CoBaSi colors on our website. Color #13, Violette, is a lovely lavender and would be a good choice. My favorite blue in CoBaSi is Color #51, a dark blue named "Raffi."

CoBaSi knits up into a soft fabric with a smooth feel. It has a slight sheen and blocks well. The yarn is 55% cotton, 15% bamboo, 8% silk, and 21% elastic nylon. It is ideal for people who want to stay away from wool and wool blends.

The Knit Along project uses a 40" circular needle, US #1 (2.5 mm), or choose a needle that gives a gauge of 8.5 stitches per inch. MIchelle suggests trying out the Addi Turbo Sock Rockets for this project. Sock Rockets have long tapered tips and a smooth, flexible cable that makes them speedy for sock knitting using the magic loop method.

Here's the LINK to CoBaSi. There are twenty colors of CoBaSi available on our website.

Here's the LINK to Addi Turbo Sock Rockets. There are five sizes and we carry all of them.

Here's the LINK to the KAL page on the KnitPurlHunter website.

I hope that you will join the Knit Along. Remember that there is no charge, lessons are posted every Thursday, and there is excellent support on Michelle's website for the project.

Order your yarn and needles in December and get ready for some January sock knitting fun.

Happy knitting!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Using Stitch Markers

Here's a pin (talked about in a previous post) from a Vera Wang clothing tag, being used as a stitch marker on a piece of lace knitting that I have going.

You can see that the rounded end is threaded through both legs of one stitch. Often when I'm absorbed in lace knitting I find that I forget what row I started on so I place a marker at the start of a knitting session.

That way, when I get up for a cup of coffee or a stretch, after 20-30 minutes of knitting, I can see my progress very clearly.

It's always good to know that an hour of knitting produced two more inches, or more, of knitted fabric.

I use split ring markers, too. I like how easy it is to place one and, then, to remove it. Split ring markers are great for marking the starting stitch in a round of knitting on a circular needle.

You will find this language often in the directions for the knitting designs that I write:

Mark first stitch of round using split ring marker. 

Move the marker up every 3-5 rows so that it follows the knitting.

Happy knitting,