Tuesday, September 10, 2013

October KAL Is Coming

The October KAL (Knit Along) begins on Thursday, October 3. The project will be a colorwork cowl, Colormatic, featuring four colors of Kenzie by HiKoo.

Michelle Hunter, designer and knitting educator, will be posting four weeks of lessons for this KAL. Her directions are clearly written, supported by video instruction, and easy to follow.

Make it a date to participate in the October KAL.

The project, a cowl, can be knit in a size small (up to 32") or a large (60" to 68"). The large can be worn fashionably doubled, as Michelle is hinting that this cowl will be an infinity scarf.

For the project you need four skeins of one color each (size small) or eight skeins of two colors each (size large). Needles suggested are 16" circulars, two sizes -- US #7 and US #8.

My guess (and this is only a guess!) is that Michelle will have us knitting flat and then joining the ends into the moebius twist with a grafting technique. Only a guess, but let's see if I'm close on this one!

Order Kenzie from our website, Graywood Designs. Here's the LINK to Kenzie. Each skein is 160 yards in a 50 gram ball. Our price is $8.95 per skein, less the 15% discount that we offer.

Order needles HERE. We carry Clover bamboo and Addi Turbos. Treat yourself to some new needles for this project.

Here's the LINK to the Michelle's introduction to the Colormatic Cowl Knit Along.

So, let's get the supplies together and Knit Along in October!!!


  1. I know the finished item is supposed to be a surprise, but could you please post a photo of a cowl? I'm not sure I actually know what one looks like, and, I'm not sure I would wear one. But I am curious, because my neck is ALWAYS cold in the winter.

  2. That's a really good idea, Heidi. So I hunted up a couple examples from Skacel's free patterns on their website.

    Here's one that is done in Kenzie:

    Here's another cowl design that is tighter to the neckline:

    And then, look through this fall's Magalog from Skacel to see the moebius cowls in various yarns, including one in Kenzie on page 12.

    Hope this helps you guess at the mystery that is part of the KAL.

    Thanks again for asking,

    Your sister in knitting (and REALLY your sister),