Friday, March 22, 2013

Shawlette KAL (Knit Along) Starts April 4

The first stage of our second 2013 KAL starts on Thursday, April 4 and you can be ready to knit by ordering your yarn from Graywood Designs and then, following the KAL on the KnitPurlHunter website.   Click HERE for more information about the project and the timeline.

Here's what we know so far. Michelle Hunter has designed a shawlette using non-wool CoBaSi for this next Knit Along. The summer weight project will be knit using US#6 needles, straight or circular, so it should be a fairly quick project to knit in lightweight yarn on medium sized needles. Maybe summer lace? Maybe another form of openwork? Who knows! That's the fun of doing a Knit Along (KAL).

Want to join? Here's what you do.

Choose your colors and order your yarn from us at Graywood Designs right away. You need two skeins of main color and one of contrasting. Check your needle stash, too.

The CoBaSi yarn is $8 per skein, plus we offer a 20% discount on this yarn. That brings the skein price down to $6.40. Our shipping charge is still only $4.95, so you will be spending under $25 for the KAL project.

Get your order in as soon as possible. We ship on Mondays and there are two of them before April 4 -- Monday, March 25 and Monday, April 1. We ship Priority Mail, so your order will move fast. AND we'll be watching for orders close to the April 4th date and will get those out to you pronto so you can be ready to go when the KAL is posted on April 4th.

Possible color combinations are:

  • Neutrals, maybe camel for the main color with medium brown as an accent. Add some flair to a tailored jacket.
  • School colors, like Michigan State's green and white. Stylish for a fall football game when everyone else is wearing store bought stuff!
  • Hot colors, think pink and lime. Wear with summer tank tops and cropped pants.
  • Cool colors, as in two shades of blue. Accessorize that jeans jacket of yours.

Here's the link to a previous shawlette that Michelle designed for a Knit Along.

And here's why you should join a Knit Along:

  1. The KAL paces your knitting.
  2. The KAL gives you a goal to work toward each week.
  3. It spices up your knitting hours.
  4. A KAL gets you out of your knitting comfort zone.
  5. You will learn new things about knitting and about your way of knitting.

So, come and Knit Along with Graywood Designs and KnitPurlHunter this April.

Wanda Eichler
Graywood Designs

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